Will PUBG be on PS4? If so, when? PUBG PS4 News

We have all heard that PUBG will be a console exclusive to the Xbox One, but there is new reports out that this might not be true. The game might be a timed-exclusive, meaning it might just be out early for Xbox One and come out on PS4 down the road. The official phrase has been “exclusive to 2017” for the Xbox One, leaving the assumption that PS4 could be an option in 2018 and beyond.

recent article from UK publication Daily Express has been making the rounds claiming that the game will remain an exclusive for the Xbox One. This is the quote in full:

“We also found out that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is NOT coming to PS4 but will instead remain an Xbox One exclusive.”


However, we reached out to Bluehole Studios and received a statement from the developer’s spokesperson that refutes that claim:

“We’re excited to announce that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is coming to Xbox One. We’re always looking at various platforms to potentially introduce our game, but have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Obviously, this is not an ironclad declaration that the game will come to other platforms, but it is a refutation of the Daily Express‘s statement that the game will remain an Xbox One exclusive.

We will continue to update on all of the latest PUBG PS4 news here. Also check out the latest PC Patch Notes for PUBG to see what’s going down inside PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

    • Eric says:

      Xbox can have pubg its a broken game for a broken console lol PS4 has owned the new gen war look at all the games ps4 has exclusive rights to compare to xbox and yet all they bring back is halo and gears which they have ruined grow up u Xbox kids

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